Our Focus, Our Process

At Sterling, our primary focus is the ultra-high net worth family.  We approach this marketplace with an appreciation for the uniqueness of each family situation.  Our analysis is customized to the individual client, both in addressing overall life insurance needs and in appreciating the sensitivities surrounding personal underwriting issues.

The development of case-specific planning tools is the cornerstone of our practice.  These tools integrate economic analysis and product stress testing to present alternative portfolio designs that satisfy the unique planning concerns of the most discerning client.

Consistent with our corporate philosophy to provide the best product for the need and then provide on-going administration and impeccable service, once the selected plan is implemented, Sterling administers and services the insurance components. This includes a periodic re-evaluation of each client's objectives and an assessment of the performance of the chosen funding vehicles to determine whether changes or updates should be considered.

Sterling continuously monitors changes in the economic and tax environments to help keep clients and their advisors apprised of any potential impact to their existing plans.  Product and environmental updates are provided in the form of policy audits and other reports for arrangements such as split dollar plans, Section 7872 below market loans, Section 162/executive bonus plans, key employee coverage, and information for annual gift tax reporting.