Who We Are

To meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, Sterling has assembled one of the most admired, trusted, professional and dedicated support staffs in the industry. Integrity, professionalism, and value added services are the hallmarks of the Sterling Resources tradition.

Our staff is composed of high-level insurance professionals with decades of experience in case analysis, field underwriting and carrier negotiation. We do not provide estate planning services, nor do we offer tax or legal advice.  Rather, with our considerable experience in these areas, we work in conjunction with trusted advisors and family office professionals to design and implement the insurance coverage which creates the liquidity necessary for estate and business succession plans to succeed.

Well known by advisors of ultra-high net worth families and philanthropic organizations, the Sterling Resources team has been working together to serve clients for over two decades. The average length of service of Sterling’s core support team is in excess of sixteen years. The absence of staff turnover is reflective of an environment conducive to building long term relationships, internally and with our clients and their advisors. This continued level of commitment has laid a foundation that enables us to provide exceptional service to our clients well into the future.


Our Team


My Loi
New Business and Policyholder Support

Mimi joined Sterling Resources, Ltd. in 2010 and works in all aspects of the underwriting process and policyholder services. She is also responsible for obtaining proper carrier appointments for our producers. Mimi works with our clients' attorneys, accountants and advisors, allowing our office to coordinate the execution and exchange of necessary supporting documents required to streamline the life insurance planning process. She entered the life insurance industry in 1988 working as a New Business Case Manager and was a liaison for agents and life underwriters for a major life insurance company for many years. Mimi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Boston University.





Underwriting Process: Includes preliminary forms, obtaining medical record history, coordinating examination times, providing insurance carriers entire underwriting files and negotiating the best offer for our client.

Servicing: Includes but is not limited to, changes to an inforce policy/contract such as, loan/withdrawal transactions, dividend option, underwriting classification updates, address changes, death benefit options and owner/beneficiary changes. In addition, our office provides a detailed Summary of Policy Values, including inforce illustrations reflecting current and reduced dividend and interest rate assumptions. Our office assists our traditional, registered variable clients and private placement clients by providing forms for the execution of their desired premium allocations, fund transfers and obtain performance histories. For our private placement clients only we assist in premium notification and help execute transfers of funds among their various planning entities.

In addition, we provide assistance with coordinating life insurance and annuity products with the necessary supporting documents: Examples, Irrevocable/Revocable Trusts, Split Dollar Agreements, Collateral Assignments, LLC's, and various administrative services.