What Our Clients Say


"Karl Feitelberg is a highly skilled practitioner in the insurance field. The "alphabet soup" behind his name confirms that. Karl and his colleagues at Sterling Resources offer a circle of competence that encompasses much more than traditional insurance. Indeed, Sterling Resources provides an array of insurance strategies and products that allow wealth managers to take advantage of the most significant financial innovations spawned in recent years by the rapid integration of international capital and insurance markets. After over two decades of benefiting from Karl's professional counsel I am convinced that he is one of the outstanding experts in the field and that he is as trustworthy as any professional with whom I have worked in my entire career. Nothing is more important than trust."

Steve H. Hanke Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University and a Contributing Editor at Globe Asia. August 2013


"It has been over 21 years since we entrusted our company and personal life insurance interest to Karl Feitelberg and Sterling Resources, Ltd. We were very fortunate to find a company like Sterling Resources, Ltd.; they are committed to not only what is best for their clients today, but also in the future. It has been a pleasure to work with a company that has such integrity, high standards and the ability to know what is in the best interest of their clients. In addition, Karl has kept us informed of changing regulatory issues that have come about in the insurance industry. Karl has not only become a trusted business advisor but also a family friend. I am looking forward to working with Karl Feitelberg and Sterling Resources, Ltd. for many years to come."

Chrissi Pappas Executive Vice President, Ipswich Shellfish Company December 2013


"Karl and my family have had a wonderful relationship over the past 25 years. His insights to the many complextities of a family business has been very helpful in providing guidance in both insurance and estate matters. Whenever I met with Karl I always have the genuine feeling he cares not only about business matters but more importantly about me. He always seems ready and able to get things done in the most efficient manner. Karl's scope of knowledge is a real asset in our insurance planning process and we continue to look to him as a key family advisor."

Richard Lafrance CEO, Lafrance Hospitality, March 2014


"I can honestly say that Karl Feitelberg has always been there for me and my family whenever we have needed him. My father and I were introduced to Karl 17 years ago when we were looking to protect our family business from future burdens. Karl set into place a solid insurance program specifically designed for our needs. Right from the start Karl explained the products and why they would work for us. Never did he speak at us. He spoke to us. Karl explained the products to us in a simple manner that was understandable to all family members. He and his staff were prepared for all of our questions and went out of their way to make the process of a physical examination as easy as possible. Our policies that were originally set up 17 years ago are still in place, having been fine tuned throughout the years. Karl and his team monitor all of our families' policies and inform us when one needs to be adjusted, whether it be due to a change in insurance regulations, a new family matter or a changing economy. What I love most about Karl and his team is that they treat you like family. When you call him or anyone on his team you feel as though you are talking with a close friend. This personal atmosphere permeates throughout Sterling Resources. A warm and genuine business relationship such as this is extrememly rare this day and age. I am extremely fortunate to know Karl and his exceptional team. I know for a fact that Sterling Resources will always be there, protecting me and my family."

Laurie Mandly Chairman & CEO, Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc., April 2014


"Karl Feitelberg is a trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor whom we consider a friend. Karl gives the highest level of personal attention and expertise in order to truly understand his clients and balance the cost benefit of what his clients are trying to achieve. He has been steadfast and attentive through several life changing situations. Karl is always helpful, courteous: he responds to our phone calls and emails promptly. We appreciate that, even after repeated questions and concerns. All in all, we are more than satisfied with his services, and would recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in choosing life insurance and estate planning advice. Thank you."

Jim and Donna Stearns James F. Stears Co. LLP, March 2014